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Information regarding P-Cards can be found on the UAB Financial Affairs website

All products for Airgas can be purchased through the BuyUAB website with a P-Card. Researchers should work with their department leadership to determine what process they have put into place regarding P-Cards, as some issue individual P-Cards and others centralize their P-Card purchases.

In the past, orders to Airgas were placed by phone call, with no tracking ability or order confirmations. In this new system, there is enhanced transparency for product costs and a fee to account for the new online tracking system. While there is a new fee, researchers should see cost efficiencies because tracking of rented items will ensure quicker turnaround and lower rental costs.

Phased transition

  • Financial Affairs will contact individual departments to start the transition.
  • The transition will include:
    • Ensuring a P-Card process is in place
    • Ensure purchasers complete P-Card training
    • Ensuring purchasers complete the BuyUAB training

Before you place an order

  • This is a phased roll out – ensure your team is contacted first.
  • Ensure you know your department’s P-Card process
  • If you need a P-Card, work with your department to acquire one

After placing your order

Returning equipment

  • When you are ordering replacement material, you can now note in the BuyUAB system that you have empty cylinders for pickup.
  • Empty cylinders will also be picked up if they are labeled as empty.

Benefits of new tracking software

  • Safety
    • Emergency personnel will have access to the software in the event of a fire or other emergency.
    • This will ensure they have the correct safety information as quickly as possible.
    • Environmental Health & Safety will be better able to manage the risk of hazardous materials on campus.
  • Cost
    • The tracking of cylinder rentals will ensure timely returns. This should result in lower rental fees.