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Service: All labs must be "closed out" as part of the process for either leaving UAB or moving the laboratory to a new location. This is a relatively straightforward process designed to prevent chemicals from being left behind. The process also prevents waste materials or biological components from potentially endangering those who may come into the lab for renovation work.

Step 1. PI/representative notifies EHS of the intent to move/closeout the lab or tagout equipment by emailing us.

Step 2. Research Safety Representative will accompany you and your department's administrative representative or other responsible party in a tour of your laboratory to provide guidance on proper procedures to be followed.

Step 3. Once Research Safety has evaluated the lab and approved the move/closeout; you can start the closeout/move process by downloading the Lab Move/Closeout Checklist (link).

Step 4. Research Safety will conduct a laboratory move/closeout verification survey after the actual closing of the lab to make sure hazardous materials are disposed of properly. The Move /Closeout process will end with the signing of the Laboratory Move/Closeout Confirmation Form.

Steps 3 and 4 are not needed for an equipment tagout if it is not part of a lab move or closeout.

Lab Move-outs
Phone number: 205-934-2487

Forms or Guides:
Lab Closeout Procedures
Lab Closeout Checklist
Safety Release Form