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We support faculty members in their professional development. This includes traditional career development related to promotion and tenure and leadership development for those faculty members who aspire to make systematic change. Faculty engagement is also a focus of our activities as it is the faculty who must engage to fulfill our school’s mission. Finally, improving mentorship has been a priority as there is a substantial body of evidence that shows that mentorship is important for all faculty-related outcomes throughout an academic career. For general questions, please contact us at SOMFA@uab.edu.

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Scott Ballinger, Ph.D.

Scott Ballinger, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs

Professor of Molecular and Cellular Pathology


  • Oversees all aspects of faculty affairs and development

Alecia Gross, Ph.D., FARVO

Alecia Gross, Ph.D., FARVO

Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs

Professor of Neurobiology


  • Leading and oversight of faculty recognition efforts and onboarding for research faculty: 

    • Internal faculty awards

    • External faculty awards

    • Research faculty onboarding

Scott Austin, MBA

Scott Austin, MBA

Executive Director of Faculty Affairs


  • Provides strategic direction to leadership on all matters relating to faculty affairs

  • Management and oversight of content for faculty resources website

  • Administrator for the Heersink School of Medicine Faculty Council

  • Provide administrative support/guidance for the school’s appointment/ promotion/tenure process

  • Responsible for continued evaluation, measure, and leverage of best practice technology and processes used for faculty affairs and professional development

  • Serve as the administrative leader in the development of UAB Medicine and faculty engagement surveys

Kelly Moore

Kelly Moore

Program Manager


  • Develop and maintain leadership development and mentorship programs for faculty

  • Oversee and manage UAB national and international award applications, including nomination packages and support letters

  • Provide administrative support for the Heersink School of Medicine appointment/promotion/tenure process

  • Assist with reviewing and updating content for faculty affairs, research faculty onboarding, and the faculty development website

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