The Office of Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) is charged with supporting the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the undergraduate medical curriculum for the MD degree. The Office of UME addresses this charge by working with course/clinical director leadership, collaborating with other SOM units, and responding to oversight and review of the curriculum by the Medical Education Committee (MEC). The MEC is responsible for reviewing curriculum evaluation data, providing feedback, and approving changes to the curriculum that are then relayed to the Office of UME for implementation in the MD educational program in a cycle of continuous quality improvement in the undergraduate medical education program.

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education:
Kevin Leon, MD
Professor, Medicine - Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care

Assistant Dean for Clinical Education:
James Willig, MD, MSPH
Professor, Medicine - Infectious Diseases

Faculty & Curriculum Development:
Kristina Panizzi-Woodley Blackwell, PhD

Assistant Professor, Medical Education
Director, Faculty & Curriculum Development in Medical Education
Director, PROSPER-Med2ED Program

Educational Research, Evaluation, & Assessment:
Anne Zinski, PhD
Associate Professor, Medical Education
Director, Educational Research, Evaluation, & Assessment
Director, MEDRIG Medical Education Research Interest Group

Educational Data Management & Analysis:
James Jackson, PhD
Professor Emeritus, UME Consultant

Curriculum Development, Management, Evaluation:
Mike Belue

Program Manager, Office of UME
UME Curriculum Support Staff Team Leader
Co-Enrolled Electives & Special Topics

Assessment Testing, Grade Data Management, Educational Technologies:
Kenneth Hurd

Senior Instructional Design Specialist
SOM Testing Administrator

Curriculum Support, Volker Hall Facilities Scheduling:
Tiffany Henderson
Office Services Specialist

Curriculum Support, Module Coordination:
Nancy Massey
MS-1 Module Coordinator

Sharon Noser
MS-2 Module Coordinator

Introduction to Clinical Medicine & Clinical Skills Scholars Program:
Anna (Neklyudova) Munger
ICM Program Director

Freddie Walker, Jr.
ICM Program Coordinator

Office of Service Learning:
Claire Finney
Program Manager

Office of Scholarly Activity:
Peter R. Smith, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Cell. Developmental, and Integrative Biology
Director, Scholarly Activity