Medical Student Services is the student affairs office for the medical school. We support the academic mission with a focus on student wellness, personal growth and professional development. We weave a support system through learning communities, individual career advising, academic tutoring, and service learning opportunities. 

Medical Student Services partners with the below offices to support student development.

MSS On-Call

An MSS dean or director is always on call. You can reach MSS On-Call anytime by calling UAB Paging 205-934-3411 and asking to page the MSS Director on Call. 


ReportIt is an online system students can use to report concerns or commendations about anything related to medical school faculty, students, staff, or facilities. Reports are sent to the appropriate member of the administration for follow-up.Students have the option to submit a report anonymously, but we encourage you to include contact information, so leaders can follow up on the report. Anonymous reports are often difficult to act on in a meaningful way. Submit a report online.

MSS Team

Nicholas Van Wagoner, MD, PhD
Associate Dean for Students

Caroline Harada, MD 
Assistant Dean for Community-Engaged Scholarship
P: 205.934.0556

Todd Peterson, MD
Assistant Dean for Students
P: 205.934.0556 

Lanita S. Carter, PhD
Director of Medical Education and Student Services
Huntsville Regional Medical Campus
P: 256.551.4465 

Denise Coston, MAE
Administrative Associate (for Dr. Van Wagoner & Dr. Peterson)
P: 205.934.0556

Dale Dickinson, PhD
Director of Medical Student Affairs
Tuscaloosa Regional Medical Campus
P: 205.532.4668

Britney Sellers, MPH
Director of Medical Education and Student Services
Montgomery Regional Medical Campus
P: 334.747.7554

Brook A. Hubner, PhD
Director of Academic Success
P: 205.934.1007

Jason Noah, MEd
Program Director for Student Success
P: 205.934.3483