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Lieutenant Steven Gladden and sworn officers of the Housing/Special Operations Division  are responsible for providing high visibility patrols in and around the residence halls, parking lots and decks, and responding to criminal and service calls within the residential areas.

In keeping with the department's community-oriented policing philosophy, a "Student Housing" Police Precinct was established on October 1, 1998. This program was designed to enhance the interaction between students, the housing staff, and the department to reduce the potential for incidents in the housing areas; and to assure students, visitors, and guests in the residential areas of an environment free from disruption by criminal opportunists or individuals displaying unacceptable behavior.

Housing Precinct officers participate in student residential life activities and conduct seminars for students on various subjects ranging from sexual assault, to holiday safety, to personal awareness. They work closely with the Residential Life Coordinators, Resident Assistants and housing staff to enforce regulations and to create the opportunity to stop problems before they occur. They also work closely with the department's Crime Prevention Specialist in providing services to the UAB community.

As part of the Special Operations section, officers utilize police mountain bikes and T3 Patroller electric standup vehicles (ESV), and foot patrol to enhance the safety and security of the residents and to closely interact with the resident assistants and student groups.

Special Operations officers also use motorcycles and state-of-the-art speed monitoring equipment to gauge and better control traffic enforcement on campus.  The department's mountain bike patrol unit is highly trained and serves as the focal point of police mountain bike training throughout the southeastern United States.

Sergeant Larry Bailey is the front-line Supervisor of the Housing/Special Operations Division.

Lieutenant Gladden reports to Deputy Chief Amy C. Schreiner.

Lieutenant Steven Gladden
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