Ummu Bah

Hometown: Colliervile, TN
Year: Junior
Major: Psychology
Minor: Chemistry and Biology

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I am passionate about...Travelling, working to create equitable and accessible healthcare, giving back to the community, trying new cultural cuisines, reading and quality time with my friends and family
I am interested in (affiliated student organizations/groups on campus)...Early Medical School Acceptance Program, Honors College, National Alumni Society, Best Buddies, Greek Life, Undergraduate Research, Children's of Alabama Hospital, Equal Access Birmingham, KDSAP (Kidney Disease Screening Awareness Program)
I chose UAB because...When deciding where I wanted to pursue my undergraduate education, UAB was a special gift that appeared when I least expected it. Prior to my senior year of high school, my knowledge about UAB and what it had to offer was very little. However, after spending time researching the school and contacting an admissions officer, my eyes were opened to the endless opportunities UAB provides its students. Throughout my entire college application process, I felt included and appreciated by the Blazer community. I never felt an ounce of doubt about attending UAB. I knew I found my home and the UAB admissions team did a phenomenal job making me feel a part of the Blazer family. I knew at UAB, my intellectual curiosity would grow and I would be challenged in new ways. I wanted to attend UAB and become a part of its culture. Most importantly, I believed I had the ability to influence it. I chose UAB because I was eager to attend a university that welcomed me with open arms and would allow me to evolve as a thinker, citizen, and professional.
Favorite thing to do in Birmingham?Explore new coffee shops or restaurants and hanging out at the beautiful mountain top views scattered around the city
Best class you have taken at UAB?BY 409 Human Physiology with Dr. Wibbles!
Favorite UAB memory?Hanging with all my friends at the Spring 2022 Final Week Stress Relief Carnival. We danced, laughed, got so many snacks, and even went down a bouncy slide. I made so many meaningful memories and got to relax and take a break from my stressful finals.
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