We’re all different. And alike. What’s the secret to our success? There are a lot of them, actually. But one is our diversity. You see, Blazers come from all over the world. We have different backgrounds, different dreams, different everything. But at UAB, we find a common thread that binds us: We’re all human. Or is it dragon? Or both? Whatever it is, we’re all it.

Diversity Champions

We’re bragging about this all the time. INSIGHT into Diversity magazine named us a Diversity Champion the past two years. We’re so proud, in fact, that we do our best to interject this award into almost every conversation. Parties. Meetings. You name it. Which reminds us—did we mention we’re diversity champs?

Group of students posing with Blaze.

Where You Fit In

Think you might not fit in at UAB? That’s exactly why you will. Your uniqueness adds something special here. Your ideas. Your culture. Your dreams. What makes you you is what makes us us.

Close up of female student with diverse group of students out of focus behind her.

We're Here for You

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