Fundraising Priorities

Our fundraising goals focus on maximizing the quality of our faculty, the strength of our programs, and the success of our students. The following investment areas have been identified for the Collat School of Business to fulfill its mission:

Faculty Support

By recruiting outstanding faculty and allowing them to stay current in their fields, we can provide our students an educational environment that aligns with modern research and cutting-edge business practices. Funding endowments to support faculty allows us to attract and retain top-level academic talent.

Innovative Programs

Funding our academic programs gives our departments the freedom to think big and aim high. It helps us expand our offerings to students and provide them with real-world experiences.

Student Success

Supporting the success of our students allows them to receive the knowledge and master the skills that help them become industry leaders. Scholarships expand our reach for the best and brightest students, alleviate financial burden, and unlock potential. Funding allows a timely progression toward graduation, provides tutoring to better understand advanced coursework, opens doors to studying abroad, and helps students transition from earning their degree to being placed in a job they desire.

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