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Our Professional Sales Certificate focuses on the fundamentals of professional selling and the increasing status and integrity of the field. Students learn what a career in professional selling entails and how to develop the necessary skills for success through application-based learning.

  • Open to all UAB students interested in selling.
  • No pre-requisites required for entering the program.
  • Four-course curriculum requirement can be customized with one agreed-upon elective.
  • All faculty members teaching in the program have relevant, real-world experience.
  • State-of-the-art facilities with role-playing technology provide an ideal learning environment.
  • Prime location in the state's largest business center provides valuable interaction with industry.
  • Advanced selling course meets the experiential learning requirement for Collat business degrees.

According to a survey of sales managers, graduates of sales programs "ramp up" 50% faster and experience 30% less turnover than their non-sales educated peers. (Source: Sales Education Foundation opens a new website)

Who can benefit?

  • Current business students (e.g., an accounting major who needs to attract future clients).
  • Current UAB students with majors outside of business (e.g., a kinesiology major who wants to open a future practice or an art major who wants to sell designs or services).
  • Individuals who have no sales training but have moved into positions in which selling is required.
  • Individuals interested in a career in sales.

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Courses and Program Requirements

The Professional Sales Certificate requires the completion of four courses. In addition to the three courses below, students must complete an agreed upon elective.

  • MK 330: Professional Selling
  • MK 423: Emerging Trends in Professional Selling
  • MK 425: Advanced Selling


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