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Start-up your future.

Are you a purpose-driven independent thinker? A problem-solver? Do you have a passion for finding and building constructive ways to make a difference? If so, consider the entrepreneurship major in the UAB Barefield Entrepreneurship Program. Our students learn how the functional areas of business interact and merge with one another in the context of an entrepreneurial venture or project.

Our innovative and relevant curriculum is based on how entrepreneurial ventures emerge, grow, and perform. Courses emphasize the organic and cross-functional nature of entrepreneurial operations, the radical uncertainties of entrepreneurial environments, how to find and raise resources, and the universe of human capital that drives entrepreneurs. We offer an unmatched blend of theory-based learning and outreach-based practice through our strategic alliance with Innovation Depot opens a new website, Birmingham's flagship co-working hub.


Courses and Program Requirements

Our curriculum includes creative, innovative courses designed to teach business fundamentals and new technologies in ways that stick with students. We maintain strong ties with industry leaders who serve as advisors to ensure students have the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in the workforce. And we believe that students learn by doing, so much so that we made experiential learning a graduation requirement.

Video Transcript

[00:00] My name is Evan Gove. I'm majoring in entrepreneurship. So from a young age, I knew that I wasn't really cut out to fit into a classic corporate culture. I really don't like rules that much and I really don't like a lot of structure. So it put me in this unique position where I had to find something that I was uniquely qualified for, but also had the flexibility I was looking for. 

[00:26] So probably one of the biggest struggles I've faced in my entire life so far is deciding if I should go to college and find a job that I might not like, or if I should go ahead and go straight into being an entrepreneur and starting my own business. It wasn't until recently that I really made a decision to commit to college because of this entrepreneurship program here at UAB. 

[00:50] So the thing that really surprised me was when I heard the entrepreneurship major was coming, that came with an endowed chair, Dr. Murphy, which is a huge deal. For those that don't know what an endowed chair can do, it's the cream of the crop. It's the best you can get. The faculty themselves, the faculty that's here is really second to none. There's such a wide range of experiences. They come from all backgrounds and they really understand what an entrepreneur needs to succeed. 

[01:19] So Birmingham is really unique and it has one of the nation's largest incubators, Innovation Depot. It's also the largest in the Southeast for tech startups. We've actually had the opportunity through the program, through the ENT major program, to work with the clients directly out of Innovation Depot. Just to describe what that means to an entrepreneur like myself, it's very inspirational. We get to see so many entrepreneurs coming from so many different backgrounds, working on so many different companies. It really helped me get really well connected with them to learn from them. 

[01:52] So getting connected as an entrepreneur is huge because those connections can bring you knowledge, they can bring you business. I think that's why Birmingham and UAB is possibly the best entrepreneurial environment that I could be in at this point my life because we have programs like gatherings every Wednesday at noon where entrepreneurs come from far and wide. We've had entrepreneurs from out of state come over just to visit with us as students, and they don't see us as students, they see us as fellow entrepreneurs. Which is really important because it's not about students, it's not about entrepreneurs, it's about helping students understand what entrepreneurship is all about and helping them grow.

[02:30] I think the traditional idea about getting an education is getting a degree to get that piece of paper. So now you can go do a job. Well, as an entrepreneur, that's not what I need. The program gives me exactly what I need. That is the knowledge, the tools, the connections and the mindset that it takes to be an entrepreneur. Having the right mindset is probably the most important thing that you can get from a degree in entrepreneurship. It teaches you how to commit and be okay with uncertainty. It teaches you how to understand risk and weigh it against the uncertainty. Ultimately, it teaches you how to understand what failure is and understand how to learn from it so that you are truly a successful entrepreneur. 

[03:09] My ultimate goal for myself and as an entrepreneur is to reach my fullest potential so that I have the opportunity to give back, and the way I want to give back is by helping others understand and achieve their fullest potentials.

Student Voices

Evan Gove knew at a young age that he was "not cut out for the classic corporate culture." The entrepreneurship major in the UAB Barefield Entrepreneurship Program was exactly what he was looking for, and feels that the knowledge, tools, connections, and entrepreneurial mindset he gained through the program will help him be a truly successful entrepreneur.

Why choose entrepreneurship at the Collat School of Business?

Top in the U.S.

Entrepreneurship, the school's newest major, was named the top emerging program in the country by the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE).

Engagement with Entrepreneurs

We have weekly gatherings, frequent extracurricular programs and professional events, numerous experiential learning opportunities, attractive internships, and we actively manage a rich network of mentors for students.

Stellar Support

Generous donors enable us to offer unique educational benefits – including guidance by entrepreneurs, innovative independent studies, and significant scholarships. Our strong community prepares students to network, pitch, compete, perform, and succeed.

Career Opportunities

Entrepreneurial ventures – both standalone businesses and subsidiaries of larger companies – are a principal job creator and innovative economic driver for Alabama and the nation. A BS in Entrepreneurship degree from UAB helps prepare individuals to step into related roles and immediately start contributing.


    • Advisor
      Daffany L. Anglin
      Management; Entrepreneurship (Last Names M-Z)
      CSB 357-B
    • Advisor
      Gary Applewhite
      HR Management; Information Systems; Entrepreneurship (Last Names A-L)
      CSB 357-D
    • Undergraduate Recruiter
      James Michael Barlow
      CSB 155-A
    • Administrative Associate
      Isabell Boyd
      CSB 357-E
    • Goodrich Endowed Chair for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
      Patrick J. Murphy PhD
      CSB 290
    • Internship Coordinator: Entrepreneurship, Management, HR Management, Information Systems; Instructor
      Peter Pfluger MBA
      CSB 375
    • Doug Ayers PhD, MBA
      MBA Director; Associate Professor
    • Joel Dobbs PharmD, MPH
      Co-Director, HLA; Senior Instructor
    • Parul Manocha PhD
      Assistant Professor
    • Patrick J. Murphy PhD
      Goodrich Endowed Chair for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • Scott Stone MAc
      Adjunct Professor

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