Students sitting in a Collat classroom.

The Class Start Assignment for all undergraduate and graduate business courses must be completed by students before the Drop/Add date. If not, faculty can choose to drop a student from the course(s). Drop/Add dates are typically one week for the 14-week courses and three days for the seven-week courses. The official dates can be viewed on the Academic Calendar opens a new website each term.

The Class Start Assignment for each course will be included in the Canvas template, syllabi, and any welcome message from the professor for each business course. These assignments may vary by professor, but will be referred to as “Class Start Assignment” and are all due one day before the last day to drop/add.


This policy does not affect the university's policy to allow students to drop/add a course within the specified time periods without penalty. Students are able to drop/add courses to their schedule within the following time frames.

  • Three days after the start of a seven-week course
  • Seven days after the start of a 10 or 14 week course

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