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Welcome to the Collat School of Business! We are excited that you chose UAB and are ready to help you with a smooth transition to completing your degree and getting the most out of your college education. Whether you are newly admitted or planning on enrolling in the future, we've got you covered.

If you are recently admitted or planning to enroll in the next three months as a transfer student, please schedule a virtual meeting opens a new website to have your transcripts reviewed. During this meeting we will create a degree plan to layout your course options and ensure a timely completion of your business degree.

If you are currently completing your associate degree at a community college and planning on attending UAB in four or more months, enroll now in our Bridge to Business (B2B) program. It provides all the tools needed to help you prepare for a smooth transition to completing your bachelor's degree at UAB.

Let's connect and plan your future at Collat!

Six Tips for Incoming Transfer Students

dandre mcbride

D'Andre McBride came to UAB from Lawson State Community College in Summer 2022. He is a Collat Business entrepreneurship major and in UAB's Honors College opens a new website. As a student assistant in Collat's Welcome Center, D'Andre shares the following tips for incoming transfer students.

  1. Attend UAB Day, Dragon Day and other student events. Meet your admission counselor, academic advisor, and learn about opportunities at UAB such as internships, student organizations, campus leadership positions and more. Learn more about student events on campus opens a new website.
  2. Reach out to your academic advisor. Connect with your academic advisor during the fall of your sophomore year and prepare to get the most out of your academic career and opportunities at UAB.
  3. Apply for transfer and additional UAB scholarships. Learn more about scholarship info and application deadlines opens a new website.
  4. Apply for Honors College at UAB. Joining UAB Honors College is easier for transfer students than any other student at UAB. See UAB Honors College eligibility requirements for transfer students opens a new website.
  5. Think about your major and related career path. Ask yourself is this really something your passionate about. If not, talk to your academic advisor about it and plan a course of action.
  6. Get involved in student organizations. Research UAB student organizations opens a new website and join one or more that you find interesting. This is a great way to meet other students and build your resume. See a list of business student organizations opens a new website.


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