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A big-picture program for big-picture thinkers.

While other majors look at specifics, economics is all about the big picture. Economics impacts every area of our lives and addresses the collective behaviors of businesses, industries, governments, international relations, and the world as a whole.   

Our economics degree is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in the complex study of how businesses and governments balance resources in relation to human capital, land/property, income, investments, taxes, and expenditures. The economics major is designed to provide students with a solid grounding in economic analysis and quantitative decision-making skills that allow students to follow various career paths in business and government.


Courses and Program Requirements

Our curriculum includes creative, innovative courses designed to teach business fundamentals and new technologies in ways that stick with students. We maintain strong ties with industry leaders who serve as advisors to ensure students have the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in the workforce. And we believe that students learn by doing, so much so that we made experiential learning a graduation requirement.

Why choose economics at the Collat School of Business?

Flexible, Customized Curriculum

A concentration in Mathematical Economics (which includes a math minor); Economic Analysis and Policy; or Philosophy, Politics and Economics allows students to customize their degree and differentiate themselves from their peers.

Year-Round Internship Opportunities

Collat's proximity to Birmingham's businesses allow students to intern anytime they want — not just in the summer — or to complete multiple internships. Gain valuable experience while exploring career options.

Intensive Career Development

The Collat Career Center, which caters specifically to business students, provides hands-on career coaching, connects students with employers, and schedules tours of various work environments.

Career Opportunities

Economists are hired by manufacturing companies, financial services, advertising agencies, research organizations, and consulting firms. Common job titles include market research analyst, economic consultant, actuary, policy analyst, business reporter, compensation, and benefits manager. Economics also provides an excellent foundation for law school and graduate school.


Undergraduate Degrees

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