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If you are a current student and wish to change your major, be sure to speak with your current advisor(s). Find your advisor(s) listed on your student profile page when you log in to BlazerNET.

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A degree that can take you anywhere.

If you have excellent analytical and communication skills, then a marketing degree from UAB can give you the skills and knowledge necessary to be able to work in nearly any industry that exists today. Marketing is a critical part of any business plan and involves understanding the importance of consumer relations, communication, and the various stakeholders involved. A marketing degree can lead to a steady career path in sales or marketing management, public relations, fundraising, advertising, or promotions.


Courses and Program Requirements

Our curriculum includes creative, innovative courses designed to teach business fundamentals and new technologies in ways that stick with students. We maintain strong ties with industry leaders who serve as advisors to ensure students have the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in the workforce. And we believe that students learn by doing, so much so that we made experiential learning a graduation requirement.

Video Transcript

[00:01] Hi, my name's Nicole Slaski. I'm a marketing major concentrating in digital marketing. My first major was actually musical theater. So I had auditioned in Chicago for a bunch of different schools. Had never really heard of UAB, and then ended up here. But ended up just having a change of heart, and wanted to switch majors.

[00:22] And so I switched to marketing and loved it. The classes at least that really cemented what I wanna do were social media marketing, digital marketing, integrative marketing communications, the ones that fall all in that digital marketing track. They're so interesting to me and I think it's such an interesting new field.

[00:41] Definitely just made me wanna pursue that as a career. I've had so many great professors and advisers. They were all just so great in helping me figure out what I liked and just telling me about their experiences. And so I would just say, come tour the school, come talk with some professors if you can, talk with some students. And just get a feel to see if it's the right fit. I definitely found my fit here.

[01:08] I'm in Kappa Delta, so that's a sorority on campus. I don't know, I hadn't been as involved on campus before that and it definitely really pushed me to really explore new opportunities and talk to more people.

[01:20] And it's helped me so much in the last two years of my college career. Junior and senior year have really, I feel like I've grown so much and I'm really prepared now to go off into the real world.

[01:33] I do a lot of freelance photography and so I've worked with some local companies doing head shots and product photos. And I was the social media coordinator at Steel City Pops, so that was my internship course that I did for UAB. I took photos for them and scheduled all their posts out and things like that. So that was really fun. I was able to kind of explore that creative marketing side.

[01:56] It was a great stepping-stone that was kind of my first marketing job experience. And so that was really the stepping stone into all these other endeavors that I've been able to do. I have grown to absolutely love Birmingham, that's why I have never switched schools or anything after switching majors.

[02:14] I love downtown, it's so up and coming. There's so many jobs available. There's just so much to do. And I definitely want to stick around and work here for a while.

[02:23] So my ultimate goal would be to have a career where I'm able to travel or at least work and live abroad somewhere. I just know for sure that I wanna keep traveling and living in different places, and experiencing different cultures.

Student Voices

Nicole Slaski had never heard of UAB when she auditioned before several universities in Chicago for musical theatre, but found her fit and fell in love with Birmingham. Then she found her fit as a marketing major with the UAB Collat School of Business and switched majors.

Why choose marketing at the Collat School of Business?

Customize and Specialize

A concentration in Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Marketing Management, or Retail Marketing Management allows students to differentiate themselves from their peers. Specialty certificates are available in Social Media Marketing or Professional Sales.

Year-Round Internship Opportunities

Collat’s proximity to Birmingham’s businesses allows students to intern anytime they want — not just in the summer — or to complete multiple internships. Gain valuable experience while exploring career options.

Intensive Career Development

The Collat Career Center, which caters specifically to business students, provides hands-on career coaching, connects students with employers, and schedules tours of various work environments.

Career Opportunities

Marketing positions are plentiful and vary from daily communication with clients and growing sales to marketing research and brand management. A few common job titles include market research analyst, advertising sales manager, account executive, public relations manager, brand manager, marketing manager, social media analyst/strategist, and product development manager.


Undergraduate Degrees

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