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Parent Testimonials

"I am extremely proud and thrilled to see my daughter grow into a leadership role."  

- Paige Sandford, mother of Faith Sandford (Collat freshman, Fall 2020)  

“My experience as a parent with the Collat School of Business at UAB has been a phenomenal experience!I am confident that this school of dedicated individuals will continue to foster my daughter’s success, not only as an academic student and community leader, but also as a graduate in search of career placement. "  

- Sinead Crandle Brown, mother of Cecily Mason (Collat freshman, Fall 2020)  

Collat Freshman Success Squad - We've Got You Covered!

Business Orientation Team

Business Orientation Team

A diverse group of students committed to connecting members of the Collat School of Business community. These students work closely with the Director of Freshman Success to help incoming students find their place within the Collat family.

Business Peer Mentors

Business Peer Mentors

From the UAB Blazer Beginnings orientation throughout your first year at UAB, this group of students can easily be described as your designated best friends to help you navigate your first year at UAB.

Collat Freshman Leadership Team

Collat Freshman Leadership Team

A select group of first-year students, representative of the cohort, working together to provide events that encourage their peers involvement within the Collat Community.

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BUS 101: A Game Changer

Emma Secor 320

See how the BUS 101 course put Emma Secor on the "right track"...

"I couldn't be more grateful to have been in Ms. Turnbull's BUS 101 class last semester. I came to UAB as a marketing major, being a newly turned 18-year-old thinking I had everything figured out. After taking her class I realized I actually hated marketing and ended up switching to accounting! It is so crazy to me because growing up I was NEVER a math person or ever expected to be going into a profession where that's the large majority of what I'll be doing. It really goes to show you how life just kind of works out that way. Also, because we got the opportunity to attend a virtual event where professors from each major in the college got to talk to us about the different opportunities and clubs within each of them, I met Professor Nabors, joined Beta Alpha Psi, and have met some of the most amazing people! She was such an amazing teacher, and the class had such an impact on me. I am where I am supposed to be and on the right track to do great things!"    - Emma Secor, Collat Freshman