Next steps for newly admitted Collat freshman in regards to orientation

  • Before Orientation

    1. Check your UAB email early and often so that you do not miss out on anything important. Your UAB email is the way that UAB communicates with you throughout your time here. Having trouble? Click here for more information about BlazerID and UAB email.
    2. If you have not already done so, register for Blazer Beginnings Orientation.
    3. Fill out the Course Registration Survey.This helps us put together the best class schedule for you. 
    4. Attend one of the COLLAT READY virtual meetings and learn what to expect at Blazer Beginnings Orientation and your first year as a Collat student.  This is the perfect time to ask questions and meet current Collat students. Register now and select a date before your Blazer Beginnings Orientation. 
    5. Be sure to complete the PRE-Orientation course in Canvas at least 2 days prior to your orientation date.  The Canvas course will be available and a link emailed to you 3 weeks prior to your orientation date.  If your course is not completed, you may have to wait to register for classes!
    6. Talk with your parents or care givers about your Immunization Records.  It is a good idea to submit them as soon as possible so that you don’t forget.  Questions?  Go to the Patient Portal for information about uploading your documents.  The Patient Portal is the easiest way to communicate with UAB Student Health and Wellness.

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  • During Orientation

    1. You’ll meet with your freshman business advisor at least twice during orientation. 
    2. You will register for your classes during your scheduled orientation date with your advisor.
    3. Get to know other business students…they will be in your classes and with you throughout your time in Collat.

    Andrea Miller Pound
    Freshman Business Advisor
    Andrea M Pound
    (205) 934-8814
    Office: CSB 155-C

  • After Orientation

    1. For any questions that you have after orientation, do not hesitate to reach out to your Collat Business Peer Mentor.  Each entering freshman will be matched with a current student that can answer questions.  Your mentor’s name and information will be shared with you at Orientation.
    2. Attend your first day of classes at UAB.  You’ll see Andrea, your advisor, and the Business Peer Mentors in your BUS 101 class.

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John Goodman
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Parent Testimonial

"While looking at universities, UAB and the Collat School of Business quickly rose to the very top of our score card. Their overarching concern as it relates to student success was apparent from day one and has not ceased throughout my son’s freshman year. Every decision is made with the specific goals of maintaining a healthy student academically, mentally and physically. We could not have asked for a better start to my son’s academic career. "  

- Christina L. Alston, Mother of Miles Alston (accounting major, class of 2025)  

Collat Freshman Success Squad - We've Got You Covered!

Business Orientation Team

Business Orientation Team

A diverse group of students committed to connecting members of the Collat School of Business community. These students work closely with the Director of Freshman Success to help incoming students find their place within the Collat family.

Business Peer Mentors

Business Peer Mentors

From the UAB Blazer Beginnings orientation throughout your first year at UAB, this group of students can easily be described as your designated best friends to help you navigate your first year at UAB.

Collat Freshman Leadership Team

Collat Freshman Leadership Team

A select group of first-year students, representative of the cohort, working together to provide events that encourage their peers involvement within the Collat Community.

Got a question?

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BUS 101: A Game Changer

Emma Secor 320

See how the BUS 101 course put Emma Secor on the "right track"...

"I couldn't be more grateful to have been in Ms. Turnbull's BUS 101 class last semester. I came to UAB as a marketing major, being a newly turned 18-year-old thinking I had everything figured out. After taking her class I realized I actually hated marketing and ended up switching to accounting! It is so crazy to me because growing up I was NEVER a math person or ever expected to be going into a profession where that's the large majority of what I'll be doing. It really goes to show you how life just kind of works out that way. Also, because we got the opportunity to attend a virtual event where professors from each major in the college got to talk to us about the different opportunities and clubs within each of them, I met Professor Nabors, joined Beta Alpha Psi, and have met some of the most amazing people! She was such an amazing teacher, and the class had such an impact on me. I am where I am supposed to be and on the right track to do great things!"    - Emma Secor, Collat Freshman