All degree-seeking students in the Collat School of Business are required to engage in one of several options for an Experiential Learning credit. You should work with your academic advisor to determine which option is the best fit for you.

Creating A Competitive Advantage

Research shows that experience in addition to the degree is the #1 item employers are looking for in a new hire. In today’s competitive job market you need to be able to show that you have on the job learning and understand the industry.

The Experiential Learning Requirement allows you to apply what you’ve learned and showcase the skills that you have acquired to your future employer. In addition to building your resume, the experiential requirement will better prepare you to develop career goals based on your experience in different kinds of industries and work environments. You may identify a specific area that you really enjoy and want to focus your studies on, or find that what you originally intended to major in may not be what you actually enjoy doing.

Real-life, hands-on Experience ensures our graduates stand above the rest and are ready to launch successful careers.

Options To Complete Experiential Learning Requirement

You may tailor the requirement to fit your needs by choosing one of the following options:

Business Analysis Project-

Complete Small Business Consulting and Research (MK 440/BUS 440) with a small team and professor to gain experience with an individual company and particular project. Contact Professor Mike Wittmann for more information.

Business Courses

Complete Practicum in Commercialization (ENT 426), Principles of Real Estate (FN 370), or Advanced Professional Selling (MK 425) to fulfill requirement.

Collat Business or other University Honors Program-

Completion of the Collat School of Business Honors Program or another UAB Honors Program.

Education Abroad-

Change the way that you view your education, career, and life. Broaden your perspective of the world through one of UAB’s Education Abroad programs.


Gain experience in your career field and develop the skills that employers want to see through a paid or volunteer internship. Not only can internships offer a possible income, but may lead to future employment.

Research Project-

Develop your research skills while working with a professor on a project, and experience first-hand what may be required for those of you interested in graduate school or a career field heavy in research. You may even have a publication to add to your resume! Contact your academic advisor for more information.

Service Learning-

Work on a semester long project with a professor and class of students to complete a project or solve aproblem . This can be fulfilled through an approved course or contract with professor. Contact your academic advisor for more information.

Experience Waiver-

Complete and submit the experience waiver to the chair of your department to be considered for a waiver for the Experiential Learning Requirement. Work experience that allows you to integrate academic knowledge with practical application, and completion of a nationally recognized program such as the Disney college program include some of the examples in which a waiver may be considered.