1. UAB lettersWear comfy clothes and shoes. You’ll be walking around campus and possibly sitting on the floor.
  2. Participate in the housing tours so you can know exactly what you’ll need to bring to feel at home in the fall. This will be your one opportunity to see all 3 freshman housing options.
  3. Do you get nervous around cameras? Submit your ONE Card photo ahead of time and make sure you have a ONE Card you like (or at least one you don’t regret). Check out the rules before you submit your photo at uab.edu/oncardphoto.
  4. Don’t stress about class registration. You’ll have your advisor and Orientation Leaders in the room with you to help make the process smooth.
  5. Ask all of your questions. There will be more than 100 staff members there to help you. We are confident that one of them will have the answer.
  6. Don’t be worried that your parents will embarrass you all day. After our welcome, students and family members will follow separate tracks during orientation. But, make sure to get all of your essentials out of your mom’s purse before you part ways.
  7. Challenge yourself to make connections. Who knows? You might find your future roommate, study group partner, or best friend.
  8. You won’t want a wet orientation packet, so don’t forget to pack your rain jacket.
  9. Talk to at least 5 tables at the Expo – it’ll be nice to have some groups to get plugged into when you get here.
  10. Get the scoop on all the bright, shiny faces that will be welcoming you on your Orientation Day.

But, most importantly, when you arrive on the day of your orientation, take a deep breath. Be yourself. And enjoy the day.

new student orientation group