Welcome to the new website for the Office of Sponsored Programs! Our new site utilizes a fresh organizational and navigational structure with some significant differences from our old site. This page is dedicated to highlighting some of the more important differences with the aim of guiding visitors to desired content. Also, this is a great place to start if you are searching for what was formerly known as the Researcher's Toolkit.

Notable Features

Improved Search

Utilizing the search field found at the top right corner of every page on our site now yields more accurate, more relevant results, helping you find desired content easily and quickly. Try it out!

Improved Quicklinks

In designing the new site, we wanted to allow visitors to immediately jump to desired content from our Home page. This led to the creation of an improved Quicklinks menu that links to our most demanded/visited pages based on page-view statistics from the old site.

Featured Pages

The Office of Sponsored Programs will now periodically feature pages from within our website or from around the web to promote higher awareness of existing content or new content. This reinforces our commitment to providing users with effective knowledge, resources, and tools.

Site Map

Provided below is a truncated site map with clickable links to pages within the site. The map does not contain every page on this website, but it does provide links to important pages and sections of the website. This site map is intended to be a summary of the content and organization of the site, highlighting differences from our previous Joomla-based website.

Office of Sponsored Programs Site Map
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Further Assistance:

If you require further assistance, you may contact OSP directly by phone, 205-934-5266, or email, askosp@uab.edu. We will be glad to assist you.