Collat students riding in the back of a truck in the UB homecoming parade.

How to Promote Your Organization and Upcoming Events


Register and make sure to re-register your organization with ENGAGE opens a new website, an online community for UAB students and student organizations. Think of this as your website and use it to communicate with current members and market appropriately to prospective members. It is a great tool with many benefits!

  • When you add events to your organization listing in ENGAGE, the events will be automatically pulled over to the UAB Campus Calendar opens a new website and the Collat events calendar that is included on the Collat News & Events page and displayed as upcoming events on the Collat School of Business (CSB) monitors.
  • ENGAGE is where we link to promote our active listing of business student organizations opens a new website.
  • It is important to include current faculty advisor with contact info on your ENGAGE listing. This comes in handy when students graduate and forget to change over officers on the listing or when future needs arise for the organization and a contact is needed.
  • Events can also be added directly to the Campus Calendar. Select “Collat School of Business” from the Department and your organization name from the Group drop-down menus to have the events automatically pulled over to the CSB News and Events page and displayed as upcoming events on the CSB monitors.

Social Channels

Tag us in posts and we can share on the school channels:

See Social Media Support for Collat opens a new website if you need to create a new or revive an old social media account.

Monitors in CSB

Events and achievements can be promoted on the monitors within the school.

  • Image requirement: .jpg or .png sized to 1920px X 1080px (width x height)
  • Graphics: Create a free Canva account opens a new website to help with any needed graphics. We recommend using the free presentation templates, limiting text, and including a QR code to the page listing in campus calendar for more info. You can also just include "See Collat Events calendar for details."
  • Deadline: Submit a Digital Sign Request opens a new website with attached image at least two weeks prior to event date.

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