Join us for the journey of a lifetime! Choose from our faculty-led Education Abroad Programs that extend the boundaries of our classrooms across the world:

Spring Break in Italy 2021

Spring Break in Italy 2021

Innovation and Entrepreneurship
in a Global Environment

Program Dates: Spring Break 2021
Apply by November 1, 2020
Contact: Mickey Bunn, Ph.D.
Blog- 2020 trip

Other Programs in the Planning Stage for 2021

Other Programs in the Planning Stage for 2021

Accounting/Finance/Data Analytics

Faculty Leaders: Teresa Conover, Ph.D. & Jamey Worrell, Ph.D.

Business in Emerging Markets

Faculty Leader: Elizabeth Turnbull

Each Collat Education Abroad Program

  • 0pen to all level students (freshman through graduate) and all majors at UAB.
  • Costs $4,000 which includes program activities, hotels, transportation (with estimated airfare of $1600) and some meals. Not included are study abroad fee ($125), spending money (varies) and UAB tuition for the 3-credit hour course (in-state or out-of-state rates).
  • Awards 3 merit-based scholarships at $1,000 (Students may also be eligible to use their current financial aid).
  • Offered each year through 2021.

Previous participant says, "Pack your bags!"