Emily Pruett

Alumna Emily Pruett, who received her bachelor’s degree in accounting in 2007 and her MBA in 2008, was recently promoted to partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLC. (PwC). She works in client services and in talent identification and development out of the international firm’s Nashville office.

“Without my education from—it wasn’t even called Collat then—the business school, there is no way that I would be where I am today,” she said. “The accounting program is what really set me up to be successful in taking the CPA exam, as well as helping me launch my career in public accounting. I always really felt like the professors did a great job of fostering the students to seek their goals. I always appreciated that.”

Emily launched her career as an internal auditor with Protective Life Insurance while also serving in the U.S. Air Force with the Air National Guard, deploying twice. She said her time in the military taught her several skills that served her well as a student.

“It definitely helped me maintain discipline in my studies,” she said. “It helps with time management. I was 20 years old when I graduated undergrad. It also gave me a great awareness of people of different backgrounds and different walks of life. It makes me able to be comfortable in a room with people who have very different backgrounds than just the number crunchers.”

After Protective, Emily joined EY in assurance services, then moved to PwC.

She said one of the most important factors in her success has been surrounding herself with a fantastic network of supporters, whether they be mentors in her firm or former Collat classmates.

“I’m still friends with a number of my fellow classmates today,” she said. “The students are going to end up in places that are great for referring clients, referring business, and sharing in experiences of migrating into the professional world from college.”

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