Medical Equipment and Supplies Distribution

A faculty member and two students in scrubs and masks; the professor is giving a thumbs up.

The Charles and Patsy Collat Industrial Distribution Program at UAB offers a concentration in Medical Equipment and Supplies Distribution. It prepares graduates for careers with manufacturers and distributors of medical and health care products, both equipment and supplies. The comprehensive industrial distribution curriculum is complimented by health industry classes such as biology, chemistry, medical terminology, anatomy, and some healthcare administration classes.

This first-of-its-kind concentration is supported by the UAB Heersink School of Medicine opens a new website, School of Public Health opens a new website, and School of Health Professions opens a new website. It provides unique learning opportunities that place students in real healthcare settings to experience first-hand how medical supply and distribution play a critical role in successful patient outcomes.

Thanks to Birmingham's vast medical community featuring some of the nation's largest medicine and health care providers, opportunities abound for year-round internships and job placement for students and research and consulting for faculty.

"Shadowing Dr. Hadley and going through the Medical Equipment and Supplies concentration exposes you to a completely different side of healthcare that most people do not know about."

Bernard Lisy Industrial Distribution major

Collat School of Business