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A Bachelor of  Science (B.S) in Human Resource (HR) Management degree is ideal for people who like big picture thinking, can understand how processes work, and have a passion for problem-solving that creates value for the organization. Organizations need managers with comprehensive knowledge of today’s most important issues in human resources and employment relations, including employment law, compensation, recruiting/staffing, training, workplace diversity, and strategic planning. Today’s business environment requires graduates who can effectively evaluate and make decisions, lead employees, and manage resources. 

There is a growing demand for HR professionals in today’s fast-changing business environment. The human resource management major prepares students for a career in HR that is focused on contributing strategically and functionally to attract, manage and retain talent that achieves organizational goals. There is a need for HR professionals in all industries (large and small) in both public and private sectors. 

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Human Resource Management Major from Student Perspective

Makenzie Snyder, a UAB human resource management major living 10+ hours from home, is following in her mom's footsteps as an HR professional. Incorporating herself into the city and UAB's diverse campus, she enjoys the one-on-one connections with professors, numerous resources available to help students succeed and exploring the Magic City.

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My name is Makenzie Snyder and I'm a human resource management major. So I first found out about human resources because of my mom. So my mom has been doing human resources for quite a while now. So that's kinda how I first heard about it and really got interested in human resources.

And I really wanted to help people, but kind of in a different way. So HR really kind of is that. You're kind of helping people, but in a business aspect, and so that's what I really enjoy about HR. So as an HR major, we really work a lot with learning how to be an effective manager, but we also do a lot of different projects as an HR personnel.

So right now as a student, I'm really getting that hands on experience of those different projects that a company would maybe ask me to do as an employee.

I'm originally from Perrysburg, Ohio, so I'm about ten hours away from home. When I was looking for colleges, I really wanted to go out of state.

And UAB was in one of my searches. And I was really looking for a university where I was gonna get that one-on-one connection with the professors. I really did not want to be a number on a roster. So some of the things that really caught my attention about the Collat School of Business, was that all the different things that they have to offer their students to succeed.

So the first thing is the Collat Career Services. So we have a career services for all the of the university, but we also have a career services just for the Collat School of Business. They do a great job with connecting students to employers. And that is a huge thing when it comes time for graduation. When you really need a job and they have those connections.

One of the things, as a student, that I've really enjoyed are the different opportunities that I've been able to interact with. The faculty, the staff members, the different professors, they have always been positive experiences. They really are here to help you get all your classes that you need, and get all the help that you need to succeed.

So UAB is a very diverse campus. So you're gonna meet students from all over the world, all over the United States. They all have all different types of backgrounds, that's been really cool. The students are really kind people from all over. 

It's also a really urban campus. So we sit right here in the middle of downtown. It's been cool, as a student to really kind of incorporate myself into the city. And kinda become that type of person that's really doing all these different things to explore the city and see what it has to offer.

My ultimate goal is to get my MBA from UAB. So after I get a few years of work experience, I wanna come back and get my MBA. And then hopefully, work for human resources here at UAB. UAB has played such a huge impact in my life that my end goal really is to kinda end here as well.

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