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Today’s business environment requires graduates who can effectively evaluate and make decisions, lead employees and manage resources. The Bachelor of Science (B.S) in Management degree is ideal for people who like big picture thinking, can understand how processes work, have a passion for problem-solving and who can multi-task effectively to help create value for the organization. 

Effective managers are vital to the success of every organization-from small start-up companies to multi-national corporations.  Why? Because managers are the ones who skillfully coordinate and control the activities of the organization to achieve business goals.  At the core of good management is the need to know how to attract, motivate and reward the best and brightest people.  Management is also about effective alignment.  Organizations are complicated systems that rely on the effective coordination of people, technology and organizational processes to be successful.  Managers drive this alignment through their skills of strategic thinking, strong communications and employee motivation to create business value.

Management Concentrations:

  • Business Administration
  • Production and Operations

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Management Major from Student Perspective

The UAB management major came natural to Ryan King, a third generation UAB legacy. He credits UAB as playing a great role in providing the resources he needs to obtain his ultimate goal of running his own practice as an MD/MBA.

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My name is Ryan King. I'm a business management major, and I decided to go to UAB pretty much because I have a family history at UAB. My mom attended UAB, my grandmother attended UAB, and just recently two of my sisters graduated from UAB. So I'm a legacy student and it just came naturally.

I decided to choose business management as my major because I'm interested in becoming a doctor as well. And UAB has this great dual degree program (UAB MD/MBA) where you can come and can get a masters in business administration as well as a medical degree. And with those two, I would like to run my own practice.

And so the business management allows me to have that foundation in business that I can always rely upon.

Another one of the great opportunities that I appreciate as a UAB Blazer is that UAB values community service. One thing that they are big on, and we are big on is giving back to our community.

And all of that just trickles down to its students and personally, I love to volunteer. One of the biggest things I've been involved with at UAB is being a VITA volunteer, which means that I help prepare taxes for international students, faculty, and staff which gave me the opportunity to see another diverse community and help them.

As a business student leader, when I'm touring a group, I really like to point out things like the different donors that we have that contributed to the school. Why? Because they are here with you as a student. A lot of them come in, introduce themselves, tell you about the different opportunities they have within their companies and just their passions.

The faculty and staff at UAB are so great. They truly want to get to know you as a person and your interests and how they can help you with that.

My personal experience is with my adviser and she's with the business management majors. She always has been there for me. Every time I needed to come see her with an emergency, whether it was a conflict in scheduling, or just me trying to meet someone new she was the first person to say, hey, let me help you. Hey, let me introduce you to this person. She was always there, and she does it with such a passion that it's not like it's a job for her. It's like it's a calling.

My ultimate career goal is to become a medical doctor and build my own practice from the ground. Utilizing all those resources here at UAB, like the School of Medicine, the School of Business, and learning the management part of that, as well as the health care part, is perfect for me.

And UAB has just played a great role and become a great asset for that.

Additional Opportunities for Collat Business Students

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