Copy of Management
Effective managers are vital to the success of every organization-from small start-up companies to multi-national corporations.  Why? Because managers are the ones who skillfully coordinate and control the activities of the organization to achieve business goals.  At the core of good management is the need to know how to attract, motivate and reward the best and brightest people.  Management is also about effective alignment.  Organizations are complicated systems that rely on the effective coordination of people, technology and organizational processes to be successful.  Managers drive this alignment through their skills of strategic thinking, strong communications and employee motivation to create business value.

Today’s business environment requires graduates who can effectively evaluate and make decisions, lead employees and manage resources. Management is ideal for people who like big picture thinking, can understand how processes work, have a passion for problem-solving and who can multi-task effectively to help create value for the organization, Management is also a great place to start for entrepreneurs interested in starting their own businesses.

Management Concentrations:

  • Business Administration
  • Production and Operations

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