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A PI should request disposal for controlled substances when:

• A project closes, terminates, or expires
• The PI determines a controlled substance is no longer required
• The PI terminates employment
• The controlled substance expires

Submit a request for disposal through the web application. Expired and unwanted controlled substances cannot be thrown away in the regular trash. Return all unwanted controlled substances to Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) for disposal. The destruction forms can be found here for Schedule II  substances, and here for Schedules III-V substances. The return of the material for disposal must be documented on the Usage Log too. Retain your log for three years from the date you indicated upon returning the substance to the UAB Controlled Substances Program Manager.

The only exception to this rule is that empty controlled substances bottle or vials can be discarded at your facility. Make sure to open the container, ensure it is empty, deface the label, and discard in regular trash.

If you have questions about controlled substances disposal, contact the UAB Controlled Substances Program Manager at (205) 934-2487.

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It is unlawful for anyone to dispose of controlled substances without DEA approval and submittal of the proper form.  Federal Law strictly regulates the disposal of controlled substances!