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1. What is a CSUA number and how is it different from a DEA License?

A CSUA number is an authorization number issued by EH&S to use controlled substances regulated by the DEA and the State for a specific purpose at UAB (i.e., research projects or for teaching). A CSUA number is associated with a particular departmental DEA License that may cover several researchers.^ click to open

2. Do I have to renew my CSUA number? If so how will I know when to renew?

Yes, your CSUA number requires annual renewal on the anniversary date. You will be sent a reminder by email at least 30 days in advance to go to the website and check if anything has changed with staff or projects, etc.^ click to open

3. I don’t use a lot of controlled substances during the year, what if it expires before I use it?

The CSUA Web Application will send you an email letting you know that records indicate a specific Controlled Substance identified by a unique number is about to expire within 30 days so you can take necessary steps to get new material and dispose of the old stock.^ click to open

4. Why have storage requirements changed? Our storage location was approved years ago.

Diversion of controlled substances has become a nationwide problem, so UAB has established new guidelines to meet current federal Drug Enforcement Administration Regulations. Storage of dispensing logs with the drugs and separation of records in specific schedules is essential to an overall diversion control program.^ click to open

5. What do I do with empty controlled substance (CS) bottles?

First, make sure you have accounted for the used CS in your inventory by checking the Usage Log for proper signatures for all doses, matching container ID numbers on the bottle and log sheet, and ensuring the physical inventory matches the Usage Log binder. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the Usage Log sheet. Then deface the bottle and throw it in the trash.^ click to open

6. How do I store my listed chemicals and precursors?

You may store listed chemicals with other lab chemicals of the same class; however, the DEA gets reports when these chemicals are purchased and will ask where you are storing them. Store substances in a lab that can be locked and is under the control of the researcher. They should not be stored in the same cabinet with other Controlled Substances.^ click to open

7. What program administers the use of controlled substances in human research?

Research using controlled substances in humans must be obtained with the physician/practitioner's personal DEA registration and be delivered to the Research Pharmacist in the hospital so it can be dispensed as required by the FDA. Contact the Research Pharmacist at (205) 934-3488.^ click to open