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The P-Card is a flexible form of payment that allows UAB employees to place orders for allowable purchases in a timely manner. The P-Card gives cardholders the freedom to make purchases to support the needs of their department.

Have a question about p-cards? Contact P-Card Services at pcardservices@uab.edu

Requesting a P-Card

  1. Submit a P-Card Application and Agreement.
  2. Self-enroll and complete P-Card Training located in the Campus Learning Management System.
    • Cardholders and Proxies must complete this training within 30 days of enrollment.
  3. Once the training has been completed, P-Card Services team will mail the P-Card to the cardholder’s home address as listed in Oracle.

Important Dates


  • P-Card Services will begin mailing new US Bank P-Cards to Cardholders that have completed the training.
  • Upon receipt of the new US Bank P-Card, the Cardholder will self-activate the p-card
  • Individual Regions P-Cards – will be deactivated by P-Card Services once the US Bank P-Card has been activated
  • Departmental Regions P-Cards – the Cardholder will notify P-Card Services that the Departmental P-Card can be deactivated. This action should be taken after confirming the card is not currently being utilized by a UAB traveler in active travel status.

9/15/23 - 10/31/23:

  • All Regions P-Cards should be converted to US Bank P-Cards.


  • any remaining active Regions P-Cards will be deactivated.


  • Direct access to Regions Intersect for recent (within past 2 years) historical look-up will be terminated. Historical records will be available via OptiDocs. 


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