Another year, another April. Can you believe we have been battling COVID-19 for over a year now? For many of us, we hibernated in our homes when the shutdown began and only came out of the house when it was absolutely necessary. Many gyms had closed, and the only exercise we would get were the steps we took from our bed, to the sofa and to the bathroom! ? On top of that, we endured more stress as feelings of isolation and loneliness arose. Thankfully, exercise has been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels even if we are only active for a few short minutes!

If you are curious about how important is fitness on your overall mental health, you should join us for the FREE upcoming “Fitness and Mental Health Presentation” webinar hosted by our frineds from the UAB Mental Health Ambasadors. The “Fitness and Mental Health Presentation” will discuss the importance that fitness has on your overall mental health. On behalf of the Mental Health Ambassadors (MHA), we aim to help spread positive mental health and mental health awareness through the lens of fitness. We joined MHA to educate peers on this topic as it is very important to us all. In this presentation, we will shed insight into our own experiences with mental health and fitness, discuss the benefits physical fitness has on mental health and give helpful tips on how to implement fitness into your life. But before we tell you about our ftiness and mental health expereince, let us introduce ourselves.

When the pandemic began and everything was in an uproar, things were scary. No one knew what was really going on but we knew it was not good. The next thing you know, everything started to shut down…including gyms! Crazy, right?! I was having a complete come apart. Remember, I am a girl who has been in the gym in some form or fashion for the past 3 years. To have my second home close was devastating! I didn’t know what I would do. All kinds of thoughts ran through my mind but I just knew I didn’t want to gain all my weight back. I was going to have to improvise.

Just about a year ago, weight-gain woes began for a lot of us when COVID-19 plagued the world. This triggered the chain reaction of stress eating as the shutdown of schools, gyms and entertainment venues forced us to spend more time at home. Now that we are getting used to a “new normal,” it is important to not let our stress negatively impact our food choices, so opting for foods that are high in nutrients are key to helping us stay on track with our weight and overall health.

Oh hey! Welcome back to My PHAT Life! OMG! Have you heard about the new protein cookie that is out??? It is plant-based with 16 grams of protein! I may have found my new snack! But If you turn the package over, you see that this cookie has 220 calories per serving (half a cookie), 8 fat, 28 carbs, 11 sugar, and 8 additional added sugars! Ummm…have you really found a good snack or did a gimmick get you? What are gimmicks? Gimmicks are what advertisers use to get people to buy their products. There are a lot of companies that use what is “IN” right now to get people to purchase their products. But do you really know what you are putting in your body?