Other Support Instructions

Other Support Instructions

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Other Support Instructions


Completing Other Support Information

Follow the sample format on the Other Support Format Page. The sample is intended to provide guidance regarding the type and extent of information requested.

The following instructions should be followed when completing the Other Support information:

  • Information on active and pending Other Support is required for Senior/Key Personnel, excluding consultants. For individuals with no active or pending support, indicate "None". Neither the application under consideration nor the current PHS award for this project should be listed as Other Support. Do not include Other Support for individuals listed as "Other Significant Contributors" unless their involvement has changed so that they now meet the definition of "Senior/Key Personnel".
  • If the support is provided under a consortium/subcontract arrangement or is part of a multiproject award, indicate the project number, PD/PI, and source for the overall project. Provide all other information for the subproject only.

Instructions for Selected Items

  • Project Number: If applicable, include a code or identifier for the project.
  • Source: Identify the agency, institute, foundation, or other organization that is providing the support. Inlcude institutional, federal, public, and private sources of support.
  • Major Goals: Provide a brief statement of the overall objectives of the project, subproject, or subcontract.
  • Dates of Approved/Proposed Project: Indicate the inclusive dates of the project as approved/proposed. For example, in the case of NIH support, provide the dates of the approved/proposed competitive segment.
  • Annual Direct Costs: In the case of an active project, provide the current year's direct cost budget. For a pending project, provide the proposed direct cost budget for the initial budget period.
  • Percent Effort/Person Months: For an active project, provide the level of actual effort in person months (even if unsalaried) for the current budget period. Person months should be classified as academic, calendar and/or summer. For a pending project, indicate the level of effort in person months as proposed for the initial budget period. In cases where an individual's appointment is divided into academic and summer segments, indicate the proportion of each devoted to the project.
  • Overlap: After listing all support, summarize for each individual any potential overlap with the active or pending projects and this application in terms of the science, budget, or an individual's committed effort.

Special Instructions for Individuals with Multiple Research Appointments

(e.g., dual university / Department of Veterans Affairs appointments)

When an individual holds multiple appointments involving support for research activities, information from each appointment must be included separately in the Other Support documentation. The support from each funding source should be clearly and separately delineated so that the separate appointments can be considered independently when determining any potential overlap.

List each appointment separately and include enough information on the type of appointment.; (e.g., full time academic or 6/8 VA) so that an assessment of an individual's commitment can be made. Within each appointment, include appropriate sources of research support providing the standard detailed information cited above.

NOTE: When an individual has multiple appointments, it is possible that the combined effort can result in excess of 12 calendar months (not from any one institution, but a combination of multiple appointments). In all cases, an individual's combined total professional effort must meet a test of reasonableness.

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