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Accounting is the language of business.  Communicating relevant financial accounting information and providing reliable financial reports is an essential component of successful business endeavors across the globe.  Because their extensive knowledge of business activities, accountants have the flexibility and knowledge for branding out into management and entrepreneurial roles.  UAB's Accounting Program offers a high-quality, practice-oriented educational experience designed for aspiring accountants seeking an innovative, technology by-driven learning environment. Students can choose from the standard course of study or concentrate in Forensic Accounting and Information Technology Auditing.

A bachelor’s level education in accounting can lead to a wide variety of career choices in business, finance, insurance, investing, tax or auditing. It also paves the way to a master’s degree and future opportunities in financial management. Accounting graduates are hired by accounting firms, banks, private companies, non-profit organizations, insurance companies, government agencies, and corporations.

A Fast-Track Accounting Program is available for high-achieving students who wish to begin master’s classes as undergraduate students, allowing them to earn both their bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years at a reduced cost.

Students planning to apply courses taken in this program toward meeting the requirements of CPA licensure are encouraged to contact the program for further information.

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