Economics Degree

Economics affects every aspect of our lives. Economics addresses the collective behaviors of businesses, industries, governments, international relations, and the world as a whole.  The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Economics degree is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in the complex study of how businesses and governments balance resources in relations to human capital, land/property, income, investments, taxes, and expenditures. The economics major is designed to provide students with a solid grounding in economic analysis and quantitative decision making skills that allow students to follow various career paths in business and government.

Economics Concentrations:

  • Mathematical Economics (includes math minor)
  • Economic Analysis and Policy
  • Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Why Major in Economics?  

Program Requirements 

Minor in Economics


Economics Major from Student Perspective

Rebecca Slowinski, an original math major, had the light bulb go off when realizing that economics is a practical application of math. She says that deciding to double major in math and economics at UAB has been one of the best decisions she's made in college!

Click for video transcript - UAB Economics Major

My name is Rebecca Slowinski, and I'm double majoring in math and economics. So I took an economics class just to get an elective out of the way. And looking at the research and talking to my professor about that class I realized how cool the practical application of math it was.

I started thinking about majoring in it and realized that it fit so well with the math major, I just decided to go for it and do the double major. And it's been one of the best decisions I've made in college. As soon as I became an economics major, I knew research was something that I was interested in.

So I asked one of my professors if I could do an independent study for econometrics which is basically the research methods that you use in economics. I just love being able to like figure these things out on my own and then go to my professor with question and really feel like I was ironing out the issues and understanding what I was doing, but going at my own pace.

One of the best things I think about the economics major is the faculty that they have. When there are times that I'm completely lost and feel like my future is hopeless, I can just go to their office. Their door is always open, they will sit down and talk with me for hours and just encourage me and get me through it.

So I'm actually working with Collat Tutoring Lab now. And it's actually a resource that provides free tutoring to students. And it's just a walk-in service so they can come in and get tutoring in any of their business core classes that they'll be taking. I think another great asset to the business school is the advising that we have.

While my adviser has to advise probably 200 students, I never feel like she doesn't have time to sit down and help me. Being able to have someone that I feel like is always there for me has been a really great resource for me. My ultimate goal is to get a PhD in economics and then go into academia where I can do research and teach other students economics.

Additional Opportunities for Collat Business Students

• Business Honors Program    • Business Minors    • Business Student Organizations    • Certificates    • Education Abroad    • UAB Green and Gold Fund    • Internships

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