Information Systems Degree

This Bachelor of Science (B.S) in Information Systems (IS) degree is ideally suited for those who enjoy working with technology and with people.  Information Systems are the backbone of modern organizations. With today’s speed of innovation, organizations need help keeping up with emerging technologies and understanding how different applications can be leveraged to accomplish enterprise objectives. The amount of information generated each day can be overwhelming. Organizations need the best technological solutions to make sense of the data, and individuals who know how to develop them are in high demand, unlike some other computer related fields. Information Systems requires a blend of technical expertise and business savvy. The information systems major provides a solid foundation in business information systems and business knowledge with a well-rounded business curriculum as well as specialized courses in information systems that deliver a broad understanding of how to leverage technology to achieve business goals.

IS graduates will be uniquely qualified to serve as liaisons between technical teams and management, and to facilitate collaborative approaches to solve business problems.

Information Systems Concentrations:

  • Cybersecurity Management
  • Data Analytics

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Information Systems Major from Student Perspective

Chordaryus Billingsley, a UAB information systems major and self-professed introvert, was looking for something different when he fell in love with the IS major. His experience at UAB, including the ROTC program and internship with Shipt, has provided the confidence he needs to succeed.

Click for video transcript - UAB Information Systems Major

My name is Chordaryus Billingsly, and information systems is my major. So what drew me to the IS major, I wanted to do something different. I felt like my calling was more so dealing with integrating tech into the business world. Information systems was like the ideal major for me.

I came here, tried it out, I just fell in love with the major. The students in that major are really smart. A lot of them knew technical terms, they knew the companies already, they had been doing programming, etc., etc. So they had a list built up of things that they had already been doing in their personal time.

It gave me something to aspire to be, but it also was kind of intimidating, because I wasn't yet at that level, but it was always great competition for me also. Sometimes, I'd go to my professor's office, and I'd sit down with them and I'd say, I'm thinking about doing this, or I kinda wanna do this.

And they'd be like, yeah, sure, you start off like this, these are companies that you might wanna look at. So they were really personable and professional with helping me develop my career, and that's what I really enjoyed about meeting with them. One thing that UAB really does well is they do try to get you integrated within a company prior to you even graduating, so there were always a lot of opportunities to work with companies.

I would say UAB's diverse body really gave me a lot of exposure. UAB is like a bowl of Skittles, it's a bunch of different colors integrated together. You get a view from not just the United States, but you also get a view worldwide, and it expands your horizon upon graduating from UAB.

UAB's location, for me, to be honest, it's really great, and the reason why I say that is because there are no walls, so it feels like we are part of downtown. Things that would take me a lot longer to grasp, graduating from college, I feel like I've gained it at a much more accelerated rate, because we're already embedded into the city.

Initially, coming into college, I was an ideal introvert. The UAB ROTC program kinda took that away from from me. It made me two separate people. You can still be the introverted you that you were initially, but you also are gonna have to be a speaker. You're gonna have to get more involved, and by them forcing me to do that, it developed me into the person that I am today, which I believe will take me much further than an introverted me would've.

My ultimate dream, eventually, I just wanna rule the world, I want to go out and do really great things. When someone looks over my career, I want them to say, there's no way humanly possible I can copy what he did. Essentially, I wanna end off my career as a security engineer for a major company, and possibly, I wanna be the CIO of that company, eventually.

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