Kaltura is UAB's multimedia content management system. The system is integrated into Canvas, and can also be used outside of Canvas. Through Kaltura, UAB faculty and staff have access to tools such as screen recordings, editing, and automatic upload and cloud encoding of their multimedia materials for device agnostic delivery. The media can be inserted into the courses via an embed feature that is integrated into the content editor in Canvas. Additional tools include analytics and interactive video quizzes. It also offers integration into commonly used tools.

The multimedia player can be configured to display standard screen recordings, multi-source recordings, and searchable and navigable slide-based presentations. Other features include branding and sharing functionality.



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Group training events are available for Schools and Departments that are interested in hosting a session at their location. One-on-one training sessions are also available for admins and users. Contact jmwatson@uab.edu to schedule training.

About Media Gallery

As you produce content with Kaltura, you can view and publish assets into your courses via My Media. If you wish to make certain videos visible outside of a course, you can publish them to Media Gallery as well. Media Gallery allows you to create a channel similar to a YouTube and Vimeo channel that can be viewed by anyone enrolled in your courses. An example of when you may want to use the Media Gallery may include a personal introduction video or a video on a topic that may be interesting for students in several courses.


Collaborate is a function in Kaltura that is accessed by selecting a title in "My Media" then selecting "Actions" then "Edit." This feature allows content creators to assign co-editors and co-publishers to content. A co-editor can make edits to a video, but can not publish it. A co-publisher can publish a video, but can not edit it. This is useful for when someone needs to be able to publish or edit content on someone else's behalf.

Collaborate Tutorial

Assistance for Complex Media Needs

As an enterprise level tool, Kaltura has the capacity to handle complex media needs. If you need a solution for doing more than recording new screen presentations, uploading videos, and embedding videos into Canvas, please contact Justin Moon to arrange for a meeting.

Technical Support

  • Hardware Issues:If you have issues with hardware, such as webcam and computer settings, please contact AskIT.
  • Kaltura System-Level Issues: If you are experiencing system-level issues, such as issues accessing your media, contact your school's Kaltura admin (see list below). If your school does not have a Kaltura admin, please contact Justin Moon.

School Kaltura Admins

Privacy and Accessibility