UAB IT is migrating existing UAB SharePoint sites to SharePoint Online, a cloud-based system that offers new tools and continuous upgrades to improve accessibility and performance.

SharePoint is a cross-device team website, where you can collaborate securely on internal documents and other content. With O365 integration, you can easily locate your documents and work on them simultaneously with your team members. Additionally, you can create shared calendars, tasks, and workflows for improved productivity. If you are interested in a SharePoint site, please make a request through the IT Service Portal.

SharePoint Online offers several advantages for users, including new tools and continual upgrades to improve the service and environment. This will also allow for greater integration between other O365 tools and other SSO applications, as well as greater off-campus availability.

Pre-migration Prep

  • Review your site content. This is a good opportunity to delete or archive old content that is no longer used. The SharePoint team will provide you with a list of sites, permissions, web parts, and workflows, so you can easily identify what needs to be migrated.
  • Review a trial migration of your site on O365.
  • Identify key site users who may need/want training.
  • Your current 2010 site will be set to read-only the day of the final migration to SharePoint online.
  • Communicate a change of URL to your team/department.
  • Check in all documents and commit any edits, if working with multiple versions.

During Migration

  • Your current 2010 site will be read-only during the migration, but still accessible.

Post Migration

  • Your old 2010 site will remain read-only and redirect to the new site on SharePoint online while the servers remain online.
  • The URL of your site will change – make sure to update shortcuts.
  • If you chose not to migrate some content, we can work with you to offload whatever content you would like to archive to an alternative storage solution (Box, OneDrive, etc.)

Accessing SharePoint Online Site

  • Browse to your new site using any web browser.
  • The login experience will have changed to use CAS, like the majority of UAB’s web-based applications.

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