Connect to UAB from anywhere

UAB IT has implemented UAB Anywhere, a Citrix Cloud virtual desktop solution. If offers access to a variety of UAB technology resources from anywhere, including:



Can't access software because your computer is too old? Use UAB Anywhere to access it in the cloud.



Can't get to a lab on campus? Use UAB Anywhere to access library computers and other school or unit-specific machines.

Virtual Desktop

Virtual Desktop

Need to use your home computer for work? Request a personal virtual desktop to use it for work needs — without needing a VPN.


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UAB Anywhere FAQs

Who can use UAB Anywhere?

Campus faculty, staff and students have access to UAB Anywhere, and it’s free.

Do I need to request a personal virtual desktop?

If you are only using UAB Anywhere to connect to an established classroom or lab computer or to use software on campus, you can just click "Learn more" above to learn how to connect.

I think I need a personal virtual desktop. How should I request it?

Request it here. Options are available depending on the amount of computing power you need. Choose from these options:

  • Task worker: You have well-defined tasks in UAB systems, such as requesting purchase orders or reviewing their status.
  • Knowledge worker: You typically work with spreadsheets or presentations and have more resource-intensive work.
  • Developer: You need more processing power for testing or datasets.
  • Researcher: You process large amounts of data for research or other needs.

What software is available on UAB Anywhere?

Currently, UAB Anywhere offers Chimera, IBM SPSS Statistics 27, Mathematica, MATLAB, Mendeley Desktop, NVivo, PyMOL, SAS, and StataSE.

Software I need is not available on UAB Anywhere. Can I request it?

You can request it from your departmental IT staff or by submitting a request ticket here. Licensing requirements may apply.

As departmental IT staff, how do I make software available for faculty, staff and students in UAB Anywhere?

You can request it here. Licensing requirements may apply.

As departmental IT staff, how do I make a lab available for students?

You can request a lab here.