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Storage Options

UAB IT offers multiple storage and collaboration options to serve the needs of faculty, staff and students. We’ve created a matrix to help you identify the best storage option for the data you plan to store. Please be aware of the policies regarding storage of restricted or sensitive information in the cloud.

Data Protection & Security

To learn more about what data is classified as Sensitive and Restricted, refer to the Data Classification Rule. If you have any questions about the data you are dealing with, contact your department’s data steward and/or see UAB’s Data Protection Rule.

*NOTE Box, OneDrive, and SharePoint users wishing to store Restricted/PHI data on these platforms must complete a risk assessment with UAB Health Systems

Web Access
Sharable Web Links
Offline Access
Mobile Access
Desktop Access
Invite Collaborators
Permissions Creator Owner, Co-Owner, Editor Owner Owner Department
Version Control
Real Time Editing
Video Preview
Usage Statistics
Data Allowed Restricted/PHI* Sensitive Sensitive Restricted/PHI*