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Tableau for data-driven decisions

Tableau is UAB’s preferred business intelligence tool that allows insight through analyzing data and creating visualizations. Tableau can be used to analyze data classified as Public and Sensitive. See UAB’s Data Classification Rule for how data is classified.

Tableau has simple drag and drop features in both desktop and online functionality that allows organizations to analyze data to discover insights that can be shared with managers and team members.

Tableau Software (Desktop or Online) will be available for UAB departments that demonstrate a valid business need. Please complete the software request form for Tableau via AskIT. Once a ticket has been submitted, we will contact you to discuss which option best meets your needs. Additional options are available for students, faculty, or researchers.

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UAB Tableau User Group (TUG)

The purpose of UAB TUG is to share and interact with one another about how we use Tableau across the campus to make data-driven decisions. To be a part of UAB TUG, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will have you added to the group.

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