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UAB IT offers a voice over internet protocol solution, known as VoIP, which offers clear audio quality, voicemail-to-email capability and other new features. The Cisco telephone service relies on internet connections rather than traditional phone lines. The VoIP phone system creates redundancies to ensure we have better backups and provides more updated features.

Remote VoIP

UAB IT has made it possible for you to use your 8861 or 7841 Cisco phone for remote work. Additional equipment may be required; follow the link in the instructions for information on ordering.

  • Follow the instructions for the 8861 phone here.
  • Follow the instructions for the 7841 phone here.


You can also install the Jabber app to make and receive calls on your VoIP phone on your mobile device. Learn more.


UAB academic and business units will not be charged for the initial cost of replacing old phones with new Cisco VoIP phones, but the monthly charge for telephones may vary, depending on the type of phones being replaced.

Current Telephone Set OptionsMonthly Cost
VoIP Telephone Set OptionsMonthly Cost
CISCO model 8861 10 line display telephone $14.00
CISCO model 7841 5 line display telephone $8.00
CISCO model 8832 conference telephone $22.00

Cell Phones

For information about cell phones, visit UAB's Telecommunications page. You must be on VPN or the campus network to access this link.