UAB IT is replacing the current digital phone system on campus with a voice over internet protocol solution, known as VoIP, which will offer clear audio quality, voicemail-to-email capability and other new features. The new Cisco telephone service relies on internet connections rather than traditional phone lines. The VoIP phone system will create redundancies to ensure we have better backups and will provide more updated features.

This multi-phase project spanning 18-24 months will cover the whole UAB campus. Once everyone has a new phone, even more new features will be available, including Jabber, which provides mobile capabilities for voice and collaboration.



Make sure you know when your building implementation is scheduled. Be sure to save any existing voicemails before that time as they will not transfer over to the new system. You can learn how to do that here.


There will be onsite support for the 2 days following the new phone installations in your building. After that you may contact AskIT for any help you need.

Get to know your new phone. You’ll need to set up your new voicemail and record your new greetings.


Once all of UAB is on the same platform, advanced features will be rolled out. These include interconnectivity of devices Cisco Jabber which delivers instant messaging, voice and video calls, desktop sharing, conferencing, presence, etc. Outgoing calls will also require less digits when dialing (no more 9 to dial out, etc.). More information on the advanced features will be communicated when the campus is in that phase of the project.


UAB academic and business units will not be charged for the initial cost of replacing old phones with new Cisco VoIP phones, but the monthly charge for telephones may vary, depending on the type of phones being replaced.

Current Telephone Set Options Monthly Cost
NORTEL 1140E VoIP telephone $14.00
NORTEL 16 line display telephone $10.50
NORTEL 8 line display telephone $8.50
NORTEL 16 line non-display telephone $8.50
NORTEL 8 line non-display telephone $7.00
Analog single line telephone $1.50
CISCO Telephone Set Options Monthly Cost
CISCO model 8861 10 line display telephone $14.00
CISCO model 7841 5 line display telephone $8.00
CISCO model 8832 conference telephone $22.00

Cell Phones

For information about cell phones, visit UAB's Telecommunications page.