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Classroom Technology Standard

UAB IT in collaboration with eLearning and the Center for Teaching and Learning have developed the following classroom technology standard. See the UAB IT Classroom Technology Status webpage or the eLearning Classroom Technology Table of the Lecture Capture webpage to find your classroom's specific information and guides.

Watch eLearning’s self-guided interactive tutorial to quickly learn to use the standard classroom technology. Visit eLearning's Lecture Capture webpage for more useful information about UAB's lecture capture solution.

Classrooms that are designated "standard" include the features in the table below unless otherwise noted.

Classroom DescriptionCapacityFeature Summary
Extra Small Standard Up to 21 Seats All features except automatic lecture capture
Small/Medium Standard 22 - 99 Seats All features including automatic lecture capture
Large Standard 100 - 149 Seats All features including automatic lecture capture
Auditorium Standard 150+ Seats All features including automatic lecture capture and auxillary equipment suitable for auditorium spaces
Collat Non-standard 22+ Seats Custom (non-standard) features including automatic lecture capture

Height Adjustable Lectern Accommodates wheelchairs
Assisted Listening Technology Headset connects directly to in-room microphones
Volume can be controlled through the headset
Available by request from AskIT (205) 996-9999
Content Presentation
Touch-enabled Lectern PC with webcam & digital annotation Login with BlazerID
Login to Zoom meeting
PowerPoint Advancer Wireless PowerPoint control
Document Camera Share pre-printed written material
Share live annotation from any writable surface (paper, dry/erase board, tablet, etc.)
Projector(s) More than one projector may be present depending on the layout of the room
Large Whiteboard(s)/Projection Screen(s) More than one projection surface may be present depending on the layout of the room
Wireless Presentation (AirMedia) Wirelessly share content from a laptop or device
Auxiliary HDMI inputs Share content from a connected laptop or device
Audio (In-Room Microphones & Speakers)
Audio System with Ceiling Speakers In-room students can hear remote students
Everyone can hear microphone audio
Microphones Wireless Lapel Microphone
Wireless Handheld Microphone
Lectern Gooseneck Microphone
Sanitizing Wand
Disposable Handheld Microphone Covers
Personal Lapel Microphone Screens (available by request from the Center for Teaching and Learning Office)
7" Touch Panel for Room Automation Adjustable speaker volume
Adjustable microphone volume
Lecture Capture
Live Stream (Zoom) Remote students can see video, projected content, and hear audio from microphones
Recording (Kaltura & Zoom) Automatic Lecture with video, audio from ceiling microphones, and projected content
Record the Zoom meeting as back up
Instructor Ceiling Microphones for Live Stream and Recording Audio is fed to the lectern PC for the Zoom meeting
Audio is fed to the Kaltura recording
Whiteboard Capture Capture the Physical whiteboard with the PTZ camera
Use the document camera to share annotation
Use the Windows or Zoom whiteboard feature on the lectern PC
Lecture Capture PTZ Tracking Camera Defaults to auto tracking of the instructor
Use presets on the touch panel to focus on the lectern, wide angle of the front of the classroom, or other areas custom to each room
Use the touch panel to manually control the zoom and direction of the camera
Integrated Webcam on Lectern PC This is an option depending on instructor preference
Can be used as back up to the PTZ camera
Large Space Accommodation (Auditorium, for example)
Auxiliary Audio Inputs for Microphone Expansion Varies by room
Audience Reinforcement Monitor View content or video from different vantage points
Audio Mixing Board Available to audio experts. Contact your local IT for more information.
Wireless Touch Panel Works exactly like the lectern touch panel