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Whether you work in manufacturing or service, our operations courses provide the knowledge needed to improve quality, boost customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and streamline operations. You'll be introduced to the tools, techniques, and best practices that are proven effective in any business environment.

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  • Logistics and Distribution Management
    This course explores the fundamental concepts and ideas of logistics and distribution management. It delves into the various logistics information management systems, analyzes their financial aspects and technological influences, and explains how to manage and measure their performance. This course is divided into modules that explain logistics management, inventory management, and warehousing and distribution. Throughout these modules, course participants will review and distinguish between inbound logistics, outbound logistics, reverse logistics, and third-party logistics; explore the tools and techniques for tracking and valuing inventory, including ABC analysis; and learn the functions of packaging and methods for transporting goods through simple and complex distribution channels.
    Access Time:180 days
    Estimated Length:6 hours
    Credits:.6 IACET CEUs /6 PMI PDUs / 6 SHRM PDCs 
  • Operations Management
    This course explores the fundamental concepts and theories practitioners will need to successfully guide operations in manufacturing and service organizations. Modules in this self-paced course introduce key foundational material, describe the interplay of supply chains and demand management, and explain the role that processes and process management play in robust operations. Specific tools, techniques, and methodologies (including Lean, total quality management, and Six Sigma) are presented to show their applicability to operational strategies.
    Access Time:180 days
    Estimated Length:10 hours
    Credits:1.0 IACET CEUs / 10 PMI PDUs / 10 HRCI Credits / 10 SHRM PDCs 
  • Supply Chain Management Basics
    The 100% online, self-paced course introduces the core concepts and components of supply chain management, including supplier evaluation, logistics, inventory management, and other supply chain practices. As a supply chain grows in complexity, and companies increasingly source products and services from a more diverse and global set of suppliers, the job of managing the processes that ensures the steady and reliable flow of components and inputs has never been more difficult.
    Access Time:180 days
    Estimated Length:10 hours
    Credits:1.0 IACET CEUs / 10 PMI PDUs / 10 SHRM PDCs
    Discount:UAB employee/student, veteran or company with 3 or more students in the same class receive a 20% discount with code BlazerStudent.

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