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The Charles and Patsy Collat Industrial Distribution (ID) Program offers a rare Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Industrial Distribution degree that puts you at the center of one of the fastest growing fields in business.  Industrial distribution professionals manage the flow of materials from manufacturers to distributors to customers- which means they play a key role in propelling the economy forward by supplying the building blocks for the products America creates and the world buys. Industrial distributors supply government, industry, and manufacturers, with products necessary for business and health care operations.

The Industrial Distribution major prepares graduates for careers with manufacturers or distributors in technical industries for sales engineering, logistics, marketing, inventory and purchasing positions as well as branch management. 

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Industrial Distribution Major from Student Perspective

Prahlaad Ram combines advantages of UAB's unique industrial distribution degree with exciting internship and entrepreneurship experiences to continue on his desired career path and enroll in the prestigious dual Georgia Tech - Emory University Master of Biomedical Innovation and Development Program.

Click for video transcript - UAB Industrial Distribution Major

My name is Prahlaad Ram, and I'm a medical equipment distribution major and entrepreneurship minor at the Collat School of Business at UAB.

So I decided to become an industrial distribution major because I had started off at UAB with biomedical engineering, and a couple of years into the program, I realized that I wanted to streamline my focus into more than just creation of a product, but how to scale that product and make sure that it reaches the hands of people who need it.

I currently work for an orthopedic implant company as an intern. I've been able to get the insights that I need to work for this company because of all the courses that I took at UAB.

I know exactly what they're doing because they're a startup. Since they're scaling up, I'm able to understand what they need and how they need to get their product out to the surgeons that need it.

So how I came across entrepreneurship is really funny because I only took the minor last semester and I found how much I loved it. I've loved my project. I loved my team members when I was in the commercialization accelerator. I thought on the spot, I need to be an entrepreneurship minor. I want to know more about this.

So I think what's amazing about the ID program is that, you don't understand how core these concepts and topics are in the industry until after the course, and then you realize how interconnected these are and how important it is that something like ID can improve your knowledge on the inner workings of an industry. Really, I urge anybody to take this course if they want to have an understanding of not just one single industry but any industry that had that deals with physical products and physical goods. It gives you that insight as to how these people get their products to the end consumer.

My ultimate goal is to become an expert in the field of medical devices and medical technology. I hope that I'm able to reach that goal, and UAB has definitely provided me the tools in order for me to get there. [MUSIC]

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