Park quality affects the value of child's play UAB students compared public play spaces in two cities and demonstrated that wealth of a community affects the value of children's play, for better or worse.

The research, by students in UAB's Master of Science in Occupational Therapy program, was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

The authors said the research, part of their final research project, provided them a window into the challenges of providing suitable play environments for children in low-income neighborhoods.

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Transforming lives at the UAB School of Education In Birmingham and beyond, the UAB School of Education is leading a learning journey. Students in the UABTeach program are preparing to make a difference in Alabama’s high-poverty schools. New honors programs are shaping the next generation of thought leaders. Expanding online degree programs allow students to get a UAB education, no matter where they live. These and other initiatives in teaching, research and service are highlighted in the School of Education’s updated strategic plan, which offers a snapshot of the school’s focus through 2017.

“The School of Education is working to impact human potential more broadly,” said Dean Deborah L. Voltz, Ed.D. “We recognize that there is a symbiotic relationship between health and education.”