We are removing "Knowledge that will change your world" from the core logo. Units may still use this tagline in existing materials; however, University Relations will no longer distribute the logo with the tagline locked up.

The core UAB logo — monogram + wordmark — now comes in an extreme horizontal format, designed to work best in the tight spaces on mobile screens.

Standard Logo

The standard UAB logo (monogram + wordmark) incorporates two graphic elements: the UAB monogram and “The University of Alabama at Birmingham” wordmark.

Centered Logo

The centered logo can be used when space is limited or when the logo must appear in a grouping with other logos, such as with sponsorships or partnership listings.

Extreme Horizontal Logo

The extreme horizontal logo can be used when space is limited or when the logo must appear in the tight spaces of screens on digital devices.

UAB Watermark

The circular watermark may be used only where embroidery patches traditionally have been used on uniforms such as lab coats, smocks, and scrubs. Where required, metallic medallions, coins, certificates, and lapel pins also may use a circular configuration. The watermark should be paired with the full UAB logo where possible.

University Seal

The university seal is a registered trademark reserved for official and ceremonial uses only, as determined by University Relations. Examples include diplomas, legal documents, commencement programs, policy manuals, formal invitations, certificates, and awards. The official seal symbolizes the formal authority vested in the university.