Putting the UAB logo on your print and electronic communications connects you to the reputation of UAB, its schools, and departments. It’s also required by UAB.

There are several approved logos — including special logos for certain units around campus — and we can help you get the right version for your site, publication, or collateral.

These guidelines ensure UAB logos are used appropriately:

  • The UAB logo must be the dominant element of any communication for the university, research initiatives, and community-based services. The full university name must appear whenever possible.
  • The logo should be surrounded on all sides by clear space, no less than one-half the height of the UAB monogram. Do not print graphics, rules, typography, or other elements in this area.
  • It is preferred that the logo appear in two colors: the monogram in PMS 3425 Forest Green and the wordmark and tagline in black. Other variations include one-color black, green, or white (reversed).

Use of the UAB logo in conjunction with the logos or marks of other organizations (including corporate sponsors and government entities) in any publication, advertisement, or other external communication must be reviewed by University Relations.

Logo White Space

The importance of clear space around brand elements and throughout all layouts cannot be overstated. It adds confidence and clarity to the visual messaging. The more space, the better. These visuals are used to define minimums.

Spacing for Logo

The logo should be surrounded on all sides by clear space, no less than one-half the height of the UAB monogram. Do not print graphics, rules, typography, or other elements in this area.

spacing wordmark

Spacing for Monogram

For the mark, the minimum clear space allowance should be equal to half of the mark itself. Repeat the scale of the mark around it, regardless of the scale per circumstance.

spacing monogram

Minimum Size

For readability, scale needs close attention.

Master Logo

The logo should never be reduced below 90 pixels wide.

master logo width


The mark can be reduced to favicon size (16px by 16px). In print and other uses, the size should not be reduced below 1/2 inch.

monogram width

Inappropriate Usage

Stretch to Fill Space

logo compressed

Rotate the Mark

logo tilted

Change the Orientation of the Mark

logo misaligned

Change the Color of the Mark

logo multicolored

Outline the Logotype

logo outlined

Add "Fun" Layer Effects

logo with dropshadow


On August 1, 2018, the university officially retired the “Knowledge that will change your world.” tagline. Since then, the tagline has been decoupled from university logos. New logos now emphasize the full university name, a tactic to help drive national brand recognition. Please help us communicate this change and ensure you are no longer using the former “knowledge” tagline in e-mail signatures, PowerPoints, and other marketing materials.

Note: “UAB. Powered by will.” is not a replacement tagline. It is a university marketing campaign that will conclude at the end of 2019.

Using Trademark Symbols


UAB's trademarks are protected by federal law; therefore, the university is responsible for ensuring that only authorized individuals and entities use UAB logos. By displaying the appropriate ® or ™ trademark symbols, you help protect our brand from unauthorized use. Use of trademark symbols notifies the general public that the logo (or verbiage) is protected, and trademark infringements can be legally pursued.

When to Use Trademark Symbols

UAB logos (and some verbiage – list below) are protected by registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. All official UAB logos are available for download with and without trademark symbols. Please use the trademark symbol when printing logos on promotional items, apparel, merchandise, video, and advertising. Trademark symbols are not always necessary for print materials, like stationery, flyers, etc. However, in official written documents, like press releases, use the ® symbol sparingly. For example, it may be used in the first or most prominent instance.

Protected Verbiage

University of Alabama at Birmingham®
University of Alabama at Birmingham Blazers®
UAB Blazers®

Core Logos/Marks

Core Logos/Marks

The core UAB logo is the monogram + wordmark.

Unit Logos

Unit Logos

A lockup combines the UAB logo and a school/unit identifier in a single graphic image. These lockups are reserved for specific School/College/Central Units.

Academic Department & Program Identity

Academic Department & Program Identity

New standards have been developed for identifying departments and programs in print, on the web, and in merchandise.

Athletics Logos

Athletics Logos

Blaze and Blazer logos are registered trademarks and are reserved for use by the UAB Athletic Department.

UAB Medicine Logos

UAB Medicine Logos

UAB Medicine is the name and primary brand for the clinical facilities and services provided (hospital, clinics, patient care) by UAB.

Anniversary Logo

Anniversary Logo

UAB celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2019 and has an official logo to mark the occasion.