Beginning in June, our web team will be offering a WordPress platform managed by CampusPress at This new platform will not replace our current Content Management System, Joomla. Instead, our initial goal is to use this WordPress platform to host our faculty/research lab sites so they are easier for our faculty members and other users across campus to build and maintain.

We are currently developing templates with proper UAB branding for the initial launch and will make more options available in the future. Users in need of a new lab site will request a WordPress site in a similar fashion to how Joomla sites are currently initiated. But different from Joomla support, all user support for this platform and sites will be handled by CampusPress. More information about support options and procedures will be available at launch.

If you currently manage a site at in Joomla, you'll be able to request a new WordPress site when the platform goes live in June. All content and site building responsibilities will continue to be handled by the site owners, and there is not an automated migration path from Joomla to WordPress. Site owners will need to manually copy any content currently on their Joomla site they want to re-use to their new WordPress site. We investigated several options for migration and none provided satisfactory results.

We are excited to be offering this user-friendly option to campus in the coming weeks, and we'll provide more information as we approach the launch of