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  • It was truly a great experience to get in an actual clinical setting as an undergraduate student. I don’t know of any other university that gets its students such innovative opportunities so early on in their careers. UAB is doing that for us.
    Paige Severino, UAB Honors College
  • Birmingham is a cool town. I see a lot of potential here.
    Daniel Craven, School of Engineering
  • As an art student and fellow with UAB Digital Media, UAB has opened my eyes to all the opportunities here in Birmingham by exposing me to actual client work, which has helped prepare me for the real world.
    Tyra Robinson, Class of 2017
  • Collaboration between UAB and area companies opened the door for me to work at a Fortune 500 company during much of my undergraduate experience.
    Alan Franks, 2006 civil engineering graduate
  • I wouldn’t have had this research opportunity and mentorship anywhere else. Between research and teaching, I have grown professionally at UAB. I feel really prepared
    to go to medical school.
    Kelly Walters, UAB senior and National Merit Scholar