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CMS is an internet-based application that allows UAB employees to easily route contracts, keep contract files organized, track contract progress, and more.

As of July 1, 2019, all contracts must be added to the contract management system (CMS) prior to entering into the departmental routing process. The following is a list of the CMS features:

  • Assigns a contract number prior to departmental approval
  • Tracks the contract through the routing process (i.e. Office of Counsel, Information Technology, University Purchasing, etc.)
  • View comments or questions related to a certain contract from a central reviewer
  • Houses contract data in one central location per departmental organization numbers

Note: Contracts that include software or an IT component are required to have IT approval prior to being entered into CMS. Please view the IT contracts website to enter an IT request.

To request creator, viewer, or approver access to the CMS, email uabcontracts@uab.edu.

Contract organization view is based on an employee's primary assignment organization affiliation. Requests to view additional organization contracts may be submitted by using the CMS Access Request form.

For tutorials, visit the Contract Management System (CMS) page in our Systems Training tab. 

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