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The term trainee is used at UAB to describe an individual who is receiving a true fellowship, as defined by the IRS. UAB trainee assignments are established via the processing of a “New Trainee Award” ACT Document in the Oracle Administrative Systems. An individual can legitimately be both an employee and a trainee at the same time, but only if the facts of the case do support identification of two distinctly different activities and relationships to UAB.

UAB Student Trainee Information

Graduate-level student trainee job titles are applicable only to organizations with approved graduate programs. Students in Graduate-level student trainee job titles may have multiple assignments; however, the trainee assignment is required to be the individuals’ primary assignment. Questions regarding graduate programs and students should be directed to the UAB Graduate School.

Non-US citizens on a F-1 student visa may not work more than 20 hours per week unless on academic vacation. Contact UAB Office of Global Engagement's International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) for questions regarding F-1 visa holders and employment eligibility.

UAB Student Trainees Job Titles

UAB Post-Doctoral Trainees

UAB uses the term postdoc to refer to postdoctoral scholars who have received their terminal degree (such as Ph.D., M.D., DDS, DVM) but have opted to pursue further training at UAB. Postdoctoral training is a standard component of research training in the sciences. In the first three to five years after receiving their doctoral degrees, it is not uncommon for young scientists to continue training under the academic supervision of senior scientists. The federal government and other research sponsors often provide funding for such individuals during this additional training period. Some postdocs may receive financial aid in the form of jobs in the research field and some may receive financial aid in the form of fellowships to support them while they pursue their training.

Postdocs receiving monthly fellowships from UAB should be appointed to the Oracle HR application under OHR Status Code of 20 Postdoc Trainees. This is true whether or not the postdoc is also employed on a research grant. If a postdoc does not receive a monthly fellowship but is employed on a UAB research grant, then OHR Status Code of 21 Postdoc Employees would instead apply.

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