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UAB disburses pay to all campus, hospital and LLC employees and trainees either on a biweekly or monthly basis. Non-exempt employees are paid on the biweekly payroll which occurs every other Friday based on the time recorded in the Campus or Hospital Kronos system. Exempt employees and trainees are paid on the monthly payroll which occurs on the last working day of each month.

The department of Payroll Services is responsible for processing bi-weekly and monthly payrolls as well as reporting tax payments to federal, state and local agencies. They are also responsible for generating year-end W-2 withholding statements and 1042S forms, the international version of W-2s. Please view the below video to learn about the payroll process.

To begin the process of setting up direct deposits, please visit Oracle Self-Service and Set-Up


Payroll Services contact information:

  • Departmental Representative - payhelp1@uab.edu
  • Customer Service – payhelp2@uab.edu
  • Campus Kronos - kronos@uab.edu

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